Sessions Songwriting is now offering Group Classes for Adults!

bluesguitarStarting in January 2016, Sessions will be offering a few different group guitar classes for adult students. Each one of these courses will dive deep into the dynamics and fundamentals of songwriting, improvisation and multitasking with voice and instrument.  As guitar players today seem to be a-dime-a-dozen, creativity and uniqueness are very important when it comes to developing individuality.  Anyone can play guitar, but it is up to ourselves and the instructions within these courses to develop ones own unique rhythm, technique and style. 

Class size will remain small so each student will benefit and all levels welcome. Classes will be weekday evenings, details coming soon!

How To Write a Song

Blues Guitar

Singing While Playing the Guitar

About the instructor:

These classes will be taught by Max Nickou, a musician and singer/songwriter who recently moved to LA from the east coast.

541357738_1280x720“I have been playing instruments since I was about five years old.  It was when my aunt first handed me a mini acoustic guitar around the age of ten where things started to click for me.  Since then I have never put it down, playing in live bands at the age of fifteen alongside blues artists and at twenty two nationally touring with a soul rock band.  Throughout this time I have been teaching music to students of all ages since I was a sophomore in high-school. 

I am an east coast born and raised guy who moved to Los Angeles for one thing, music.  Living in such a beautiful area creates emotions of happiness and longevity.  It is no surprise that some of the most inspirational music of all time was created in this area and will be for years to come.  Southern California has a true calling to people that understand it as a sacred place, a treasure.  For me all I want to do in life is what truly makes me happy in an environment that exudes creativity.  Teaching music along with performing music is the career path I have chosen and will not look back for anything.  I am motivated, positive and above all incredibly patient.  My forte is teaching and bonding with people through the only universal language, music.”