Parent and Me: Little Sessions!

Orff-based Preschool Class

Parent and Me - Sessions SongwritingUkeleles, puppets, and drums, oh my! Join us for a fun time where you and your child help to create the music by drumming, strumming, singing, and humming! Along with traditional songs, Lauren has created original songs for this class that you won’t hear anywhere else! The class is an intro to music, so each week we’ll have different topic, from learning high and low notes, steady beats and counting, loud, soft, long and short, the musical alphabet etc. We’ll also use visual arts and movement to help demonstrate the themes of the day. Bring your child, a smile, and leave the rest to us.


Through songs, stories, body percussion, rhymes, dancing, and playing unpitched percussion instruments, your child will:

  • Gain a sensitivity to rhythm and tone
  • Develop body awareness
  • Experience music independently and with others
  • Differentiate between high/low, speak/sing, whisper/shout, sound/silence
  • Demonstrate up/down, fast/slow, short/long
  • Experience steady beat
  • Have fun and much more!