The Sessions Story

The seed of Sessions Songwriting and Music sprung to life in 2007 when its founder, Lauren Bruns, was discussing with a good friend and mother of two that there was a gaping hole in many of the musical programs offered in Los Angeles. Not one school was offering a songwriting component in which kids could express themselves through words and music simultaneously.

Lauren Bruns

Lauren knew firsthand how songwriting benefited her life as a young adult and set out on a mission to create an easy-to-follow curriculum that inspired kids of all musical levels to create and express themselves through original lyrics and music. Over the course of three years, Lauren did just that. She began developing her curriculum while teaching in homes and schools across the Los Angeles area. After instructing hundreds of classes and seeing the amazing effect that songwriting had on children, she decided to open a music studio devoted completely to offering this unique skill set.

It didn’t take long for Lauren to realize that songwriting was not just for the budding musician but for all kids from all backgrounds. Some of her most avid students had never picked up an instrument in their lives.  She recognized that all kids could benefit from creating original songs independently or through collaboration with other children. One of the biggest benefits she continued to see was the positive effect songwriting had on social and personal development. In a matter of a few weeks, she noticed remarkable changes in how children communicated inside and out of class. They gained a newfound confidence and were able to better express themselves.

After seeing these stunning developmental changes in her students, Lauren knew that Sessions was indeed her life’s passion. As an extension of her passion, she hopes that Sessions Songwriting and Music is forever a safe, musical space for kids to comfortably express, experiment, create, and most of all, have fun!