"My son just had his 10 year old birthday party at Sessions Songwriting. It was FANTASTIC!!! My son says, "I really liked my party! I felt like everyone really participated and had a good time like I had hoped. Lauren and her assistant Shani were very welcoming and helpful. Also, we got to play some fun games. One of the best birthday parties I've ever had!"

- Loren K. (Pacific Palisades, CA)

Lauren is the best teacher! I was with her for songwriting at school and I also take private lessons with her she rocks! and she is awesome! Lauren I hope we get together soon so we can write a lot more songs!

- Magaluna R. (Santa Monica, CA)

I have always had a passion for singing and playing music, and I thought that Lauren was the best person to work with in order to get better at it. Originally, I bought songwriting sessions with Lauren as a gift for my best friend, but once I met Lauren and saw how talented she was, I decided to give it a shot myself. Although I always had the love of singing, Lauren inspired me to fully learn how to write my own songs and put my feelings into meaningful lyrics. I am so happy that I had a chance to work with her. Not only is she an amazing talent, but a beautiful, sweet, caring, person who I personally can relate to in so many ways. My entire family loves the recording of my song and to anyone who may be thinking of pursuing Lauren, I can recommend it completely. It is one of the best things I had the opportunity to be a part of.

- Sara Baczewski (Brentwood, CA)

I started working with Lauren this past summer, and there is no one better at collaborating and giving music that wow factor! I am 16, much older than most of Lauren’s other students, and have been writing my own music for years and just needed someone to give me a new perspective and add something new and sophisticated to my sound. Lauren rose to the occasion beautifully and took my music to another level, as well as giving me ideas and helping me with technique and styles of writing.

She is not only a fun and fantastic writing partner, but she has experience in the industry and has an amazing and talented career of her own. I know she will succeed in whatever she wants to do, whether it is teaching about writing or writing herself. Please try Sessions Song Writing, it’s a way for young adults to release their emotions and they might find something new that they really enjoy!

- Hannah Gross (Brentwood, CA)

Lauren has taught our daughter to express herself through songwriting. Most important, she has helped encourage her to take risks. Lauren is patient, kind and inspiring. She is the best kept secret, but I have a feeling, not for long!

- Tracy Brody (Brentwood, CA)